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No longer covers upgrade trap behind billion industry
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A storm burst, a manhole cover, resulting in a 21 year old young life fade, hurt the hearts of the people of Changsha city. If the manhole covers on the road with a locking device, it is difficult to be made of groundwater! In recent days, some waterproof anti-theft manhole cover, can withstand the pressure of more than 60 tons began in Changsha installation.
Well, square, round, irregular, communication, electric power, municipal use with...... So many kinds of different uses, but it is not a small scientific and technological content, its market demand is very large. Guangzhou recently began to implement the first covers facilities construction, local regulations, and began to carry out the investigation of the city covers issues, prepared within two to three years, batch replacement problem covers, Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places have also put forward the future will be on the covers of a large area of replacement. This covers manufacturing enterprises has brought unlimited business opportunities. Industry estimates, only the domestic market, every year to cover the product demand nearly 10 billion yuan. Small covers, has become a big industry.
Covers upgrade
Changsha intends to draw the underground pipe network map and optimize facilities
Small covers, is an industrial product, it is a product of people's livelihood. Urban road manhole cover is leading to the underground facilities (water supply, drainage, electricity, telecommunications, gas, heat, fire, oil pipeline, such as system of entrance enclosure and its main function is convenient underground facilities in the use and maintenance. Because of its special nature, the quality of its quality is directly related to the safety of people's life and property.
With the development of the city, the road construction and transformation, the underground pipe network in Changsha city is becoming more and more complex. At present, there are a variety of Changsha City covers nearly 700000. In the old city, a road basically every 15 meters to 30 meters to a manhole cover, the new district average every 50 meters will a manhole cover. Changsha Municipal Department said that to facilitate carry out timely dredging pipe network in the first time, they plan to joint Lake Architectural Design Institute, re drawing the new Changsha network distribution. This also indicates that a comprehensive optimization of underground pipe network facilities, has been fully launched.
Industry opportunity
High security performance products, sales, sales increased by three in the near future
The social demand for high quality safety manhole covers, stimulate production, Changsha related industries also catch a ride.
Sichuan Chengdu, Wuhan Hubei covers 4000 sets of urgent need 5000 sets, 6000 sets of Yunnan Kunming need cover...... Located in Changsha County Jinjing Changsha Jinlong Foundry Industry Co., Ltd is domestic manhole cover manufacturing industry "boss", as a collection of science, industry and trade as one of the high-tech enterprises, with an annual output of well cover tens of millions of sets, the independent research and development of high-tech covers market possession rate ranked first in the country and exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
"As people focus on the safety covers, currently covers products of high safety performance has been sold to the market. Our sales in this month increased three in the beginning of the year." Chang Yingxiang, chairman of the Golden Dragon foundry told reporters, with the increasing orders, they have increased the intensity of production to protect the market supply.
Enter the Dragon production workshop, a manhole cover products are casting, assembly, forming. This is the latest ductile iron anti-theft anti impact cover, it has what new features? Technical staff introduction, this new product covers, latch type locking device and a wedge type pre tightening device, installed on the road, can guard against theft, prevent groundwater impact. That is to say, as long as the metal bolt inside a manhole cover is open, it is difficult to open water. At present, Jinlong manufacturing of high safety manhole cover, has been in Changsha Wuyi Avenue, Xingsha, continue to install, the total number of more than 30000 sets. With the advance of Changsha covers and quality engineering, there will be more dragon service covers Changsha street.
Future development
Research on electronic manhole cover, manhole remote monitoring
And Zhongshan lighting, Wenzhou low-voltage electrical apparatus, Shaoxing textile, including covers, Changsha casting products of reason in the national reputation reputations, source in the domestic well-known enterprises such as dragon on product quality attention and pursuit. Like a golden dragon series covers products, execution is the European en124 standard quality control, the quality control in, even higher than the national standards.

Compared with other materials of the covers products, ductile iron manhole cover by special nodular cast iron casting molding processing, the bearing ability and weatherability better, the city is still a road manhole covers the main, but the disadvantage is higher cost of production.

In recent years, "made in Changsha" covers product, once in the national market, was some field covers manufacturing enterprise low cost dumping counter attack. These enterprises through low-cost dumping, make some safety performance of non-compliance, there are security risks covers a large number of products into the market, become "time bomb" of the road. Price covers products have three characteristics. One is the safety standard, no manhole cover anti-theft device, easily stolen. In addition, due to the enterprise without the bottom line cost reduction, leading to cover material quality standards, a higher safety performance of the well cover at around 1000 yuan while they 449 yuan. The most of the low quality of raw materials, heavy vehicle pressure bad; the second is these products do not have the function of water flow and flushes covers products without locking device, a lock, hinge connection, easily lead to like Yang Lijun missing similar misfortunes; products do not have the function of environmental protection. Manufacturers because of the ability to limit, it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of the product, there is no design product buffer device, pre tightening device, anti displacement device, there are security risks.
With the whole society pay close attention to the City manhole covers, high-end manufacturing enterprise ushered in the development of spring. And "made in Changsha" and the eyes more far-reaching. Jinlong foundry technical director Huang Wei introduced electronic manhole cover of the next step, they will learn from foreign experience, research and development "with a wireless alarm device" to further improve the security performance covers product. It is understood, to Japan, the United States, Germany, France and other countries, through the electronic manhole cover, for road manhole cover to take remote monitoring, played a good effect.

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