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Thorough elimination of oil and gas pipeline safety hazards
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Washington (reporter Wang Dongmei) in November 24th, the State Council, the office of the State Administration of safety supervision and management of oil and gas pipelines to mobilize the deployment of a crucial battle to deploy video conference, the State Council, director of the State Administration of safety supervision, Yang Dongliang requirements, we must resolutely eliminate oil and gas pipeline safety hazards. For the existence of major security risks, the short-term potential problems can not be rectification, endangering the safety of the people's lives and property, to be determined to stop the loss of the law.
At present, the safety of oil and gas transportation pipeline is still outstanding. Stressed the regional, business, safety supervision departments at all levels to the importance of a full understanding of the oil and gas pipeline safety work. The confidence and determination to play a good game, take up a very difficult task to strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen the responsibility to strengthen the rectification, immediately set up the corresponding work mechanism to form a strong and effective docking consultation mechanism, timely communication research to solve the problem, in accordance with the law to implement the rectification measures, responsibilities, funding, time and plan.
Solid progress, "pornography rule violations special action, strictly and severely crack down to clear after accounting for, blind construction, stiletto pilfer oil, chaos of digging luanzuan and damage of oil and gas pipelines and ancillary facilities of illegal behavior, timely exposure and informed of the typical events. To carry out various forms of promotional activities, popularization of pipeline protection and accident emergency rescue knowledge, enhance the consciousness of the pipeline peripheral units and the masses to protect the pipeline, to form a society of the good atmosphere. To strengthen the supervision of rectification and supervision and inspection, focus on building long-term mechanism of pipeline protection and safety management.

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