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Taiyuan developed the new covers next month “appointment“ will not be washed away
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More rainfall in our city in the summer, due to the short time rainfall larger rainfall some easy, lots of water manhole cover is the top, even to the point of being washed away. In order to eliminate the security risks, the city developed a new type of manhole cover. At present, the municipal department is field test, after the replacement, installation, is expected to replace the first batch of more than 100.
According to reports, since the summer, and I, heavy rains, due to the short duration of rainfall, rainfall, resulting in individual lots of pavement appeared different degree of water. Rain, in Chaoyang Street, Wu Long Kou Jie, steep slope, large catchment area road are different degree appeared manhole covers by the rain from the top of the phenomenon, individual sections of the manhole cover even washed away, although most sections of the inspection wells installed protective net, but for pedestrians and vehicles to travel still caused security risks.
To solve this problem, municipal departments quickly take effective measures, investigation focused all of the urban road, identified more than 20 due to the rainfall of manhole cover is the top of the road. In these sections, all arranged a special duty, whenever the rain, the personnel on duty must be arrived at the first time, if it is found that the manhole cover is rainwater from the top, to immediately take effective drainage measures, so as to speed up the drainage. At the same time, municipal department of technical personnel of various learning foreign advanced experience, study and solve well not fixed to be washed away completely fixed and unable to discharge and backwater cover even damaged roads of the problem. Through painstaking research, has developed a new type of manhole cover, the anti anti jacking displacement. At present this model covers are a number of lots of field tests. In August, the city will be the first area to replace the old wells, the installation of the new manhole cover, eliminate flood safety hazards.

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