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30 thousand covers have ID card
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In recent days, Haikou Municipal Administration drainage pipeline maintenance workers, stepping up to the city, 312 Road, a total of 36078 inspection manhole to mark installation, make each drainage manhole covers are "identity card". Move, will in the manhole cover is stolen, damaged, lost time, convenient reports from the public and municipal drainage facilities management and maintenance maintenance department to repair. This practice is the first in the province.
Has been, Haikou road manhole cover widespread messy, unclear property rights issues, that these "urban trap" caused by personnel and vehicles fell well accidents, maintenance and repair efficiency is not high or property units passing the buck passing phenomenon frequently. Last year, Haikou Municipal Administration drainage pipeline maintenance received 12345, digital urban management report covers damage, loss, subsidence and other diseases of 3599, which belong to other pipeline unit covers the number of 1958.
In order to consolidate the achievements of Haikou "hit", improve urban trap processing efficiency, improve the repair efficiency of drain covers, Haikou Municipal Administration drainage pipeline maintenance after several studies, in January 5th to custody road inspection well installation identification, construction period is 2 months.
The drainage inspection Ii identification materials are mosaic type molecular adhesive material, the material compression, reflective performance is better, the installation method is also more convenient. Clean the installation area before installation, and then brush the special glue, three or four minutes after the glue to dry paste logo can be. The installation of drain covers logo above a specified reporting telephone information, not only to facilitate citizens of Pirates of the loss or loss of manhole covers to report, management department can also the first time to find the specific location of manhole covers to be restored.

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