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This year will not set off firecrackers in the septic tank side
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"Now many residential septic tanks, setting off firecrackers will lead to septic tank explosion of firedamp covers dashing, wary of large household necessary around the 'invisible bomb'!" Recently, Sichuan district town sewage treatment station staff member surnamed Wang made a special trip to the newspaper's hotline ******* calls reminded the public that the Spring Festival is coming, fireworks must be away from the dangerous regions in the septic tank.
According to the staff member surnamed Wang, septic tank is collection and disposal of sewage preliminary facilities, life garbage and waste residue in the septic tank accumulation for a long time will produce methane (principle with biogas digesters in rural areas), although biogas will by septic tank manhole cover vent volatile part, but most methane remains in the septic tank, exceeds a certain limit, in the pores of exhaust flame may ignite or cause an explosion accident.
Staff surnamed Wang said that in recent years, every year, often occur due to discharge of fireworks caused by septic tank fire and explosion accident, 2015 the Lantern Festival night, in Nancheng District internal have people in septic tank cover on the discharge of fireworks, led to the explosion of septic tanks, manhole cover was blown on the day, resulting in two discharge personnel were injured, near the vehicle, serious damage to roads.
In order to prevent the septic tank explosion accident, Wang staff remind: septic tank using industry mainly promptly Qingtao, clear the drainage network, to ensure the safe use; warned its citizens against in the septic tank cover the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, do not discharge of fireworks and firecrackers; residential property services business or management should implement the hand of septic tank protection, in time to stop in the septic tank fireworks and warmed himself at the fire, flammable and explosive materials piled up etc. behavior.


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